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What is Furoshiki?

What is furoshiki?

Furoshiki is a square piece of fabric used for gift wrapping. It originated in Japan around 710 BC. The word furoshiki refers to the craft and cloth, which is usually of decorative design.

Why use furoshiki?

It is a sustainable way to gift wrap. The fabric can be used either as regifting through furoshiki, returning the fabric to the giver (which is custom) or using it for alternative projects.

How to you gift wrap with furoshiki?

There are many ways of folding the fabric, below is the Basic Carry Wrap (Otsukai Tsutsumi). For more recommendations on wrapping, please download the pdf from The Ministry Of Japan website

What size fabric do I need?

Ideally choose the size with a diagonal length three times the longest length of the gift.

We offer a number of sizes. Our smallest is 30cm * 30cm and is used for tea lights, jewellery, gift cards, wallet or a pair of gloves, and the largest is 70cm * 70cm which should fit a large picture book, large cuddly toy, board game, wine bottle*2 or a shoe box.

Share your furoshiki with friends & family

It is up to the gift giver whether they would like to give the furoshiki wrap as part of the gift, or if they would like it returned. If you would like it returned place a small note inside requesting so.

We can create larger furoshiki or use fabric of your choice, just let us know what you would like, we are happy to assist you.